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Lost and found

Thousands of cats and dogs disappear every year, some forever. Make sure you always know where your pet is, inside or out, at home and on holiday with petpointer.


Petpointer - Where's my pet?

Has my pet gone missing? Has it been accidentally locked in a garage or shed? Has it been stolen or involved in an accident? Where should I start to look..?

The answer: petpointer

Developed in Switzerland, Petpointer is a GPS tracker combining state-of-the-art positioning technology with Swisscom's cutting-edge communications to create a unique product that provides peace of mind for every cat- and dog-owner 24/7.

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Localisation with petpointer

The GPS and LBS localisation technology in the petpointer makes it possible to pinpoint the location of your pet down to a few metres. Location thus determined is continuously sent to your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC via 2G mobile network in over 200 countries.

How it works

petpointer mobile

How petpointer works


The latest-generation GPS chip in each petpointer uses three satellite systems to locate your pet. This optimises positioning, even in the most difficult conditions.

The world's smallest animal tracker

The petpointer is the smallest of its kind with its dimension of 2.3 cm x 5.8 cm x 1 cm and can be attached to any pet-collar. This ensures your pet enjoys full freedom of movement.


The Petpointer housing is constructed from a particularly high quality, robust and waterproof (IP67) plastic making it completely safe to use outdoors.

Battery life

The very latest battery technology, combined with a highly sophisticated energy management system, guarantees the longest possible usage time. A battery-life of 2-4 days can be expected with a transmission frequency of once per hour.

In over 200 countries

Petpointer sends its data via 2G mobile network. This network is used in over 200 countries. Therefore, petpointer accompanies you on your vacation as well. However, due to the fact that 2G network does not cover all areas, user should clarify concrete 2G coverage previously.

Designed in Switzerland

The petpointer was developed as a joint project by the STMZ lost-pet service with positioning specialists at leading Swiss universities and various engineers from the watchmaking industry. Swiss technology, Swiss precision and carefully constructed in Switzerland.

Wake-Up - device activation at any time

Do you need the position of your pet now? No Problem! The petpointer now supports 3 different positioning concepts, which you can use as required.

Petpointer Wake-Up

The positions are transmitted with the intervals chosen. In this mode the petpointer is turned off between the status signals and therefore can not be waken up. Immediate retrievals are not possible. The advantage lies in a minimal stress of the animal by electromagnetic exposure.
Period of use: 2 - 4 days applying an interval of 1 hour
The device is always switched on. The positions are transmitted with the intervals chosen. At the same time it is possible to activate full tracking at any time by using the Wake-Up function to retrieve the current position of the animal.
Period of use: 2 - 2.5 days applying an interval of 1 hour
The device is always switched on. Full tracking can be activated at any time and the current position of the animal be retrieved. No further automatic positions are transmitted.
Period of use: 2.5 - 3 days

Smallest animal location device in the world.

petpointer GPS Tracking collar

Fast, simple collar attachment

The petpointer can be attached to any pet collar quickly and easily. Your pet does not have to get accustomed to a new collar. The battery can be simply removed from the petpointer for re-charging without removing the collar.

Protective cover

Petpointer can also be attached to your pet’s collar, using the protective case which offers additional protection from water as well as dirt.

cat-life cat collar

A quick-release closure mechanism on cat collars is extremely important so as to prevent the risk of strangulation or entanglement. The STMZ developed its own cat collar with a weight-sensitive self-opening safety catch, similar in principle to a ski binding, so as to prevent serious accidents.
petpointer GPS Tracker - collar attachment
petpointer GPS Tracker - collar attachment
petpointer GPS Tracker - collar attachment
petpointer GPS Tracker - collar attachment
petpointer GPS Tracking - Schutzhülle
petpointer GPS Tracking - Schutzhülle

Easy to operate with or without app

Our app makes it simple for you to use the petpointer quickly and accurately, but you can also use our website to check your pet's location from your browser. Petpointer is compatible with all PCs/Macs and mobile devices.

petpointer GPS Tracker for pets

Advantages for you. Comfort for your pet.

During the development of petpointer, we considered it extremely important to integrate the key elements set out below in order to guarantee the greatest possible certainty for you and the utmost comfort for your cat or dog:

Advantages for you

  • Safe
  • Easy care
  • Suitable for holiday use
  • Inexpensive
  • Swiss design

Comfort for your pet

  • Light
  • Small
  • Familiar
  • Robust
  • Unobtrusive
petpointer cat

Manufacture - Swiss designed

The petpointer was developed and tested in Switzerland by HergTech AG in conjunction with the Schweizerischen Tiermeldezentrale, positioning specialists from leading Swiss universities and various engineers from the watchmaking industry.

The petpointer is also produced in Switzerland to ensure the best possible quality. The highest quality GPS location services are also ensured from our communications partner, Swisscom.

petpointer GPS Tracking Manufacturer Route
petpointer GPS Tracker
petpointer GPS Tracker

Service fee

  • 6/12/24 months

per month from



EU  from € 3.95

England from £ 3.65
Denmark from DKK 33.00
Sweden from SEK 39.00
Norway from NOK 39.00
Argentina from USD 5.95
Mexico from USD 5.95
*1 Comparison of prices € incl. 20% VAT
Prices for Switzerland.
Prices for the device and service fee are country-specific.

All countries: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal (EU, Norway)
Switzerland (additionally): AmericanExpress, Swisscom, PostFinance e-Finance & Card
USA/Latin America (additionally): Diners Club
The remittance of the positions (from the device to the central server) causes costs for the mobile communication which are covered by the monthly service fees.

The service fees can be paid on the administration page after the registration on

These monthly service fees cover all the costs of the transmission of data from your petpointer to the server/administration in the home country as well as abroad. There are no roaming fees abroad. This data exchange works in over 220 countries, including the whole of Europe.

When you call up the position data from the server via App or on through mobile network, the usual fees for Internet will be charged by your Network provider.


Can't find your question? We would be happy to answer directly. Simply contact us by email or phone.

Petpointer is suited for cats and dogs of all kinds.

Petpointer turns itself off between the short time it takes to relay location information. No transmition, no standby, nothing. A small internal clock wakes the device briefly at pre-programmed intervals while the petpointer determines its location and transmits this information. In this moment, new instructions can be given to the petpointer with regard to the frequency of the position determinations. These messages are then deposited in a kind of "mailbox" until the device wakes up. As soon as the "mailbox" is emptied and instructions implemented, the device turns itself off again.

This approach was selected as the least strain on the animal. The moment of transmission corresponds to making a short call on a mobile phone.

However, as making calls for hours on end is not necessarily very healthy for us humans either, we recommend setting the location query to take place every one to two hours. This then lasts only a few seconds.

Certainly, more intensive tracking is interesting while getting to know pet pointer and determining your pet’s regular route, however this is not recommended over the long term, meaning over several days. For this reason, so-called "Full Tracking" and “Tracking every 15 minutes” is limited in time.

The safety clasp is a very important element for cat collars as it prevents the collar becoming a trap. In order to remove the risk of strangulation or entanglement with the front legs, the Swiss Central Animal Registration Office, STMZ, developed its own safety collar a few years ago and has been steadily continuing its development. The collar is unique to the present day.

Together with engineers of the watch and clock industry and various veterinarians, a collar was developed which can be individually adapted to the weight of an animal in a similar way to a ski binding. It releases both sideways and lengthwise and can be precisely adapted to 200 grams. This collar was tested by the EPFL. Unnecessary accidents can be prevented with the cat-life cat collar.

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Again and again we get the question of whether one could simply implant a chip with the same function. This is not possible for various reasons:

The technology for tracking and transmitting is (still) too large. Petpointer uses the world's smallest possible elements and still needs about 14 cm2 for this!

If you want to determine a location and then forward it to a central server, this requires energy. The batteries suited for this product are still much too large for implanting and totally unsuitable. In addition, this energy source has to be recharged over and over again.

Petpointer’s leading-edge technology in tracking and data transmition offers precision never previously seen with the added benefit of using the device in 220 countries without additional roaming costs.

This advanced technology also makes the tiny size of the petpointer possible. Petpointer is currently the world's smallest tracker for household pets.

Petpointer can be mounted very easily onto any pet collar and changing the battery is a quick and simple task that can be carried out without removing the collar.

The user's provider is irrelevant in that petpointer stores its data on a server. This data transmission occurs on the mobile telephony network through machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, for which Swisscom is responsible. Local providers will be used when abroad. This information can then be accessed from the server via a smartphone, laptop or PC at any time.

Petpointer is meant for use in the country of purchase. Petpointer sends its data via 2G mobile network. This network is used in over 200 countries. Therefore, petpointer accompanies you on your vacation as well. However, due to the fact that 2G network does not cover all areas, user should clarify concrete 2G coverage previously.

We are committed to quality. For this reason, petpointer was developed in Switzerland in cooperation with the Swiss Central Animal Registration Offices, tracking specialists from leading universities and engineers from the watch-making industry.

Petpointer’s research, development, technology and manufacture all take place in Switzerland. Swisscom is the largest network provider in Switzerland ensuring the best possible communication between each petpointer device and the server.

Recommend us

The petpointer is officially recommended by the STMZ (Schweizerische Tiermeldezentrale). You can recommend it as well and help other animal-lovers keep their beloved pets safe rather than lost. Thank you.

petpointer GPS Tracker