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Petpointer - the GPS positioning device

Petpointer is a device used to locate pets (primarily cats and dogs). The device is located using satellites before transmitting this data over a telephone network (M2M) to a server. The user can then access this information at any time from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What you need

To use the petpointer, you require the following:

  • Petpointer
  • Windows / Mac PC or laptop
  • current web browser
  • Internet connection
  • 2G Mobile Network
At first, you have to activate your petpointer. Therefore, please register your petpointer at The registration allows you the access and to manage all you data and review position information.

The Petpointer will be activated within some 3 minutes after settlement of the service fees.
The remittance of the positions (from the device to the central server) causes costs for the mobile communication which are covered by the monthly service fees.

The service fees can be paid on the administration page after the registration on Depending on the duration represented by the value cards, you benefit from reduced rates.. For each petpointer you must pay its own service fee.
These monthly service fees cover all the costs of the transmission of data from your petpointer to the server/administration in the home country as well as abroad. There are no roaming fees abroad. This data exchange works in over 200 countries, including the whole of Europe.

When you call up the position data from the server via App or on through mobile network, the usual fees for Internet will be charged by your Network provider.

3 different positioning concepts

We want to protect animals from excessive exposure to radiation. Consequently, petpointer uses the concept of sleep mode. With the Wake-Up function, which is new, we also provide activation of the device at any time.

Basically, we want to protect our pet from excessive amount of radiation. But sometimes, you may want to determine its position at any time - be it out of curiosity or in case of an emergency.

Therefore, we offer 3 different positioning concepts, so that you can choose the appropriate mode as required:

The positions are transmitted with the intervals chosen. In this mode the petpointer is turned off between the status signals and therefore can not be waken up. Immediate retrievals are not possible. The advantage lies in a minimal stress of the animal by electromagnetic exposure.
Period of use: 2 - 4 days applying an interval of 1 hour
The device is always switched on. The positions are transmitted with the intervals chosen. At the same time it is possible to activate full tracking at any time by using the Wake-Up function to retrieve the current position of the animal.
Period of use: 2 - 2.5 days applying an interval of 1 hour
The device is always switched on. Full tracking can be activated at any time and the current position of the animal be retrieved. No further automatic positions are transmitted.
Period of use: 2.5 - 3 days

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The functions – clear and simple

Petpointer offers you online access to your data. The administration function gives you the following ways of using your petpointer account.

3 positioning concepts

There are three different modes available, which you can change and use at any time:

  1. Interval only
  2. Interval and Wake-Up
  3. Wake-Up only

Localisation intervals

The device transmits GPS positions over a time interval that can be selected by the user. The interval can be modified at any time using the administration function or smartphone app. The following intervals are available:

Full tracking
The device is always on. GPS positions are determined and transmitted constantly. The device can operate for no more than 4 hours in this mode. After this, the device is set to a "one hour" interval. This provides a limit on the time when the animal is exposed to radiation. The device is shipped in this mode.
Interval tracking
In addition to full tracking, the user can select predefined intervals (5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 1hr, 2hrs) during each of which the device determines and transmits a GPS position to the server.

Certain short intervals (Full tracking, 5 mins and 15 mins tracking) are reset to the hourly frequency after the period selected by the user. This is intended to help protect the animal's health. Intervals with automatic resetting are identified accordingly on the website and the app.

Time discrepancy
Intervals are subject to a time discrepancy of +/- 20% due to factors like battery levels and outside temperature.

Last/next contact

Always shown are when the last contact took place and when the next contact between the petpointer and the server will take place.

Map views

The positions recorded over the last ten days are normally stored and can be called up at any time. It is possible, however, to keep certain maps indefinitely.

Position views

Locations can be viewed as individual positions, routes, animated movements or heat maps. The latter show uses different shades to show how frequently your pet visits which areas.

Saving maps

Maps can be viewed as either various street maps or satellite images (bird's eye view).

Battery level

The battery level is always shown. A warning is activated if the level falls below 20%. The warning is delivered to the user by email, although this may also be deactivated in the administration function.

Multiple use of an account

Once an account has been set up, it can be used to manage several devices. One of the animals can be defined as the default, which means that it is always shown first on the screen when requested.


Geofencing is a kind of virtual garden fence. The user can define a zone on the map within which the pet normally stays. A warning is activated if the pet leaves this area. If the pet leaves the zone more than ten times in 24 hours, the geofencing is automatically switched off and the user requested to enlarge the zone to prevent too many emails being sent unnecessarily. This warning may also be deactivated in the administration function.

Monthly Service Fee

The monthly service fee covers all the costs of transmission (domestic and abroad) as well as a part of the operation of the platform.

The transmission of the data takes place via mobile communications network, whereby the integrated chip chooses the best net from more than 200 providers. The necessary chip is built in, i.e. the user does not need his own SIM card and no contract with a mobile communications provider.

This fee is paid in advance at the time of registration, whereby the customer has the option of various periods of validity. Various credit cards are available as means of payment. Depending on the country, additional payment possibilities are provided (Switzerland: Swisscom, PostFinance).

Resetting the device

Petpointer is built around various components. If the device is not functioning properly, a reset request can be transmitted to the petpointer. The device itself does not contain a reset switch.

Web browser or app

We consider easy operation to be extremely important. For this reason, all administration functions can be called up online using current web browsers. Our website is optimised for all devices types, from PC/Mac/tablet through to smartphone.

Our app is available additionally to track locations and change intervals.

Our maps - tracking your pet

You're kept informed about your pet's movements from start to finish. You can simply track the routes taken by your pet on our maps.

Presentation of GPS positions

Positions can be shown as individual locations, animated movements or heat maps. Maps can be viewed as either street maps or satellite images (bird's eye view).

An individual location corresponds to a dot within a circle. This radius depends upon the accuracy of the available GPS signal (cf. localisation). The better the signal is, the more accurate the position and the smaller the circle will be.

If several positions are shown on the map, these are displayed with greater intensity the more recent they are. Accordingly, circles that are far apart in time are almost transparent while the latest are a striking blue. To allow you to keep a closer eye on your pet, you can choose between various different zoom settings.

In the animated movement view, the individual locations are shown in sequence over time.

The heat map provides an overview of where the animal's recent locations. Red shading shows the areas where your pet has spent more time.

Saving maps

It is normally possible to call up the positions of the last 10 days on the screen. If you want to keep a specific map for longer, you can save it accordingly under "My maps".