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Operating instructions

Many problems and ambiguities can be easily solved by following the operating instructions.

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Operating instructions

Start-up / Attachment

Please follow all steps in the order shown for a seamless start-up: Display operating instructions

Insert the mounting strips into the two holes on one side of the petpointer.

Attach the device by slipping the mounting strips beneath your pet’s collar before inserting the strips through the holes on the other side of the petpointer. Pull the ends until secure on both sides.

The strips can now only be inserted in one direction. If you wish to remove them, you will need to cut through them and pull them out at the side. Additional strips can be obtained from the STMZ online store or specialist retailers.

Use a pair of scissors to trim the overhanging strips.

To expand the functionality of the petpointer we put an update at your disposal from time to time.

If an Update is available you will be informed on the starting page of the administration.

You can find detailed information concerning the update, tips for the installation and step-by-step instructions on the related information page in the administration.

Setting options

The activation of a device with the new "Wake-Up" function depends on the availability of a mobile network (2G). If no network is available or should the signal be to weak to send data, a device activation will not be possible.

To overcome this situation, petpointer tries 3 times within 9 minutes to process the activation. When the process fails, the user will get a note displayed.
The device transmits GPS positions at intervals according to your pre-determined time mode selection of: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 2 hours.

A change in the time interval will be implemented after the next scheduled contact between the petpointer and server.

Time intervals can be re-scheduled in the "Tracking Report" window.
If the time of the next contact shown is in the past, petpointer has been unable to contact the server since then. A poor GSM connection or an empty battery can cause this.

It is also possible that the device you are monitoring your pet on could still indicate some battery power even with an empty battery as the power display could also no longer be updated.
The "Reset" function is located under "Settings".

It is possible to reset the petpointer if it doesn’t function correctly. There are two possibilities depending on the state of the petpointer:

The device is available
Remove the battery and wait a minute. After one minute reinsert the battery in the petpointer. Following an interruption in power, petpointer will automatically perform a reset. This can take up to 15 minutes.

The device is unavailable
Login and navigate to „Settings“. Open „Settings” and select “Request reset”. This sends a reset-command to the petpointer. (The petpointer will be reset the next time there is contact with the server).

Position report: During a reset, the positions shown may not be correct.
Battery status and geo-fencing information are transmitted by e-mail. However, these e-mails can be blocked if required.

Activate and deactivate email notifications under "Settings".
Each petpointer can be individually labelled with a name and photo in your account. Change pet’s details under "Settings".
In order to add a photograph to your pet’s profile, go to "Upload photo".

Click on the green button (top left, above image frame area) to upload an appropriate photo from your computer. The chosen photo of your pet must be in .jpg format.

The uploaded photo will be displayed within the marked frame where you can change the scale and position of the image. Drag the corner points of the blue crop element on your image until the circular preview shows your desired section. Save your selection.
Geo-Fence is a virtual fence. If it is crossed, a corresponding report will be triggered. This report can be blocked under "Settings".

This entire area is located beneath the map on the corresponding animal’s "Dashboard". All relevant Geo-Fence information is summarized here.

Click on "Activate Geo-Fence" and create a virtual fence by following the on-screen instructions.

Please follow the detailed instructions on this page to setup the Geo-Fence.

Maps / Position description

GPS devices may not be able to identify positions in buildings or in bad weather conditions. In order to still have a reference point where the animal could be, the position is identified by mobile communication antennas (GSM localization positions).

Under these conditions the petpointer tries to identify a GPS position during several minutes.

GSM positions are not indicated on the map because they often show great deviations. GSM positions serve as a general orientation. The GSM positions are only shown in the course (indication of coordinates).
Sometimes it is advantageous to see only the last position displayed.

Click the ‘Last recorded location’ button (cross hairs) to the left of the map to display the last recorded location.
All positions from the previous 10 days are saved for your information.

All information regarding the last 10 days and the time periods for each, respective day can be found by selecting "Tracking Report" in the "Map" tab. Select the desired time period and click the button on the right (with 2 arrows) to update the data.
To save your own maps to the petpointer go to “Own maps” located in the "Tracking Report". click on "Save map". A message will confirm if the map was saved successfully.

Saved maps can be displayed again by clicking "Display my maps". The position description can also be customized in this screen.
Positions can be displayed differently; as a single position, as a route or as an animated track.

Click on "Select position display" located in the "Location Report" for map settings.
The map view can be enlarged or reduced as required.

Use the corresponding symbols (map left) to enlarge or reduce the map view:
  • Click on + / - to zoom in or out.
  • To expand the map to cover the entire screen, click on the rectangle icon under the zoom control. Return to the previous map size by clicking the “Esc” button.
  • Cross hairs indicate that the map is enlarged to its maximum size and only the last known location is displayed.
There are three map views available: Two road maps and one bird's-eye-view map.

Click on the “Stack” symbol (top right of map) to select a map view.

Service fees

In principle, only contracts with a term of less than one year have to be terminated. Contracts with a term exceeding one year will not be renewed automatically and will expire without an automatic extension. Termination is neither necessary nor possible.

Contracts with a term of less than one year will be renewed automatically and must be cancelled if desired. Charging of service fees will end on the last day of the charged period if a recurring charge is stopped. Cancellations can be undertaken up to 24 hours before renewal.

The option "Stop automatic renewal" is located in "Service Fees" below the map on the dashboard.

Please follow the on-screen instructions. The next expiry date is shown on the following page. Confirm that you wish to cancel by clicking "Stop renewal".
The service period can be switched and/or extended at any time. The area "Service Fees" is located below the map on the dashboard.

Click on "Extend/swich" to get to the next page where all available periods of validity are shown.

Prior to clicking on the button "Buy" of the selected period of validity you must choose the preferred method of payment and confirm that you have read and completely accept the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

Depending on the selected payment method, you will be forwarded to the corresponding pages for the payment.

After you placed your payment, you will be redirected back to confirmation page and be informed about the status of your payment.
You can review at any time all service payments. You will find the link "Invoices" in the "Service fees" area.
The contractual partner for the distribution of the service fees is defined according to the country of registration of the petpointer. The relevant contract partner will be noted accordingly on your invoice.

Contracting partner Registered country
Maploc (Schweiz) AG Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Maploc (Central Europe) AG EU countries, Norway, South Africa, Jersey, Guernsey
Maploc (USA & Canada) AG USA, Canada, South America, Mexico


All stored user data can be viewed and changed at any time. A valid e-mail address must be used to allow the system to function correctly.

Click on the symbol displaying your name (upper right of screen) to access all user data. You can also change the existing password in this window.
Several petpointers can be managed on your account. Click "I am already a customer and have a login" and enter your login data in order to register a second device. In this way the new device will be allocated to your existing account.

All pets will be listed for selection under "Select device" in the management area.
If a petpointer is lost you can search for it with the help of the last shown position. If you do not find the device anymore, you can transfer the service fees without any problem to a new device.
In principle you can administrate as many animals on one account as you want. However, we recommend to summarize max 5 petpointers in one account (login) at a time.
If a tracker is broken and has to be replaced, the communication subscription can be transferred to a new one.
  1. Please visit our Homepage ( and go to “Registration & Login”
  2. Insert the serial number from your replacement device in the field “Device registration”
  3. Choose “I’m already a costumer and have a login”
  4. Insert your Login
  5. Choose “replacement device” in the area “communication subscription” (below the card)
  6. Check respectively choose the ID number of the petpointer which has to be replaced
  7. Check again the ID number of the broken petpointer and the new one
  8. Click “Yes, I understand the implications and would like to register the new device”
  9. End the process by clicking “Save”
By clicking save, the existing data will be transmitted to the new device (incl. Subscription). You will now no longer be able to use the old device.

Please note that this process cannot be reversed!

Questions & answers

About the device

Petpointer: If you charge the battery at the petpointer (grey device), a red LED light is on. As soon as the battery is fully charged, the light will switch off. Then you know that the battery is completely charged. The blinking green light has nothing to do with the charging of the battery!

Charger: When the external charger (red device) is being charged, a red LED light is on. As soon as this light switches to green you know that the battery is fully charged.
When petpointer is not determining its position and sending data to the server it shuts down to a very deep suspension mode, meaning it is almost turned off.

This protects your pet from being subjected to an excessive amount of radiation. Petpointer is briefly awakened at a set interval in order to determine position and transmit the data to the server once again before switching back to hibernation mode.

Due to this specification it is not possible to retrieve data or alter settings prior to the next defined data exchange update interval.
Petpointer’s leading-edge technology in tracking and data transmition offers precision never previously seen with the added benefit of using the device in 220 countries without additional roaming costs.

This advanced technology also makes the tiny size of the petpointer possible. Petpointer is currently the world's smallest tracker for household pets.

Petpointer can be mounted very easily onto any pet collar and changing the battery is a quick and simple task that can be carried out without removing the collar.
No, petpointer works with Openstreetmap, a globally independent map provider.
Petpointer has a warranty of 24 months from purchase.
Petpointer uses a navigation chip that works with three satellite systems (GPS, Galileo, GLONAS). Location precision, according to the chip manufacturer, is within +/- 2 metres from the effective location. However, this value can only be achieved under the most optimal conditions and external factors, such as weather, topography, reflections from buildings or house walls can at times interfere considerably with results.
Petpointer is meant for use in the country of purchase. Petpointer sends its data via 2G mobile network. This network is used in over 200 countries. Therefore, petpointer accompanies you on your vacation as well. However, due to the fact that 2G network does not cover all areas, user should clarify concrete 2G coverage previously.
The user's provider is irrelevant in that petpointer stores its data on a server. This data transmission occurs on the mobile telephony network through machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, for which Swisscom is responsible. Local providers will be used when abroad. This information can then be accessed from the server via a smartphone, laptop or PC at any time.
We are committed to quality. For this reason, petpointer was developed in Switzerland in cooperation with the Swiss Central Animal Registration Offices, tracking specialists from leading universities and engineers from the watch-making industry.

Petpointer’s research, development, technology and manufacture all take place in Switzerland.

Swisscom is the largest network provider in Switzerland ensuring the best possible communication between each petpointer device and the server.
Petpointer turns itself off between the short time it takes to relay location information. No transmition, no standby, nothing. A small internal clock wakes the device briefly at pre-programmed intervals while the petpointer determines its location and transmits this information. In this moment, new instructions can be given to the petpointer with regard to the frequency of the position determinations. These messages are then deposited in a kind of "mailbox" until the device wakes up. As soon as the "mailbox" is emptied and instructions implemented, the device turns itself off again.

This approach was selected as the least strain on the animal. The moment of transmission corresponds to making a short call on a mobile phone.

However, as making calls for hours on end is not necessarily very healthy for us humans either, we recommend setting the location query to take place every one to two hours. This then lasts only a few seconds.

Certainly, more intensive tracking is interesting while getting to know pet pointer and determining your pet’s regular route, however this is not recommended over the long term, meaning over several days. For this reason, so-called "Full Tracking" and “Tracking every 15 minutes” is limited in time.
Petpointer is suited for cats and dogs of all kinds.
Petpointer is the smallest and most lightweight GPS device which is on the market. It has a length of 5.8 cm, a width of 2.3 cm and a height of 1.0 cm and weighs only 27 grams.


Petpointer is available online and at specialist retailers. Get more information about the current purchase options in your country on the page "Shop".

In Switzerland, the petpointer can be purchased online (, at specialist retailers and in all Swisscom shops.
The prices of petpointers can vary according to local singularities and especially due to various customs fees and VAT’s.
The subscription prices vary by country. This is due to the various conditions of the network providers in the respective countries with who we collaborate.

In Switzerland, a subscription starts at CHF 4,95 per month. In the EU the monthly subscription starts at EUR 3,95 (as of 29.09.2016). Please consult website for current pricing.
Transmissions of positions of your animal are centrally administrated in order to be called up from the server online on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

The remittance of the positions (from the device to the central server) causes costs for the mobile communication, which are covered by the monthly service fees. For each petpointer you must pay its own service fee.

These monthly service fees cover all the costs of the transmission of data from your petpointer to the server/administration in the home country as well as abroad. There are no roaming fees abroad. This data exchange works in more than 220 countries, including all of Europe.

When you call up positions via app or from the server on a mobile communication net, the usual costs for data transmission of your mobile provider for the internet are charged.
The contractual partner for the distribution of the service fees is defined according to the country of registration of the petpointer. The relevant contract partner will be noted accordingly on your invoice.

Contracting partner Registered country
Maploc (Schweiz) AG Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Maploc (Central Europe) AG EU countries, Norway, South Africa, Jersey, Guernsey
Maploc (USA & Canada) AG USA, Canada, South America, Mexico


Conditions of return are set forth in the General Terms and Conditions of the respective retailer. In principle, however, once opened a package cannot be returned.

Each device has a unique and confidential identification number, which is used upon registration. This identification number cannot be changed. If a package is opened, this identification number, and therefore the corresponding petpointer, has been allocated forever. For data protection reasons reissuing this ID number is not possible.
The safety clasp is a very important element for cat collars as it prevents the collar becoming a trap. In order to remove the risk of strangulation or entanglement with the front legs, a few years ago the Swiss Central Animal Registration Office, STMZ, developed its own safety collar called “Cat-Life”. They have been steadily continuing its development, and to the present day the collar is unique.

Together with engineers from the Swiss watch and clock-making industry and various veterinarians, a collar was developed which can be individually adapted to the weight of an animal in a similar way to a ski-binding. It releases both sideways and lengthwise and can be precisely adapted at intervals of 200 gr (7 oz). This collar was tested by the EPFL. Unnecessary accidents can be prevented with the Cat-Life cat collar. View TV report
Again and again we receive the question of whether one could simply implant a chip with the same function. This is not possible for various reasons:

The hardware technology for tracking and transmitting is (still) too large. petpointer uses the world's smallest possible elements and yet still needs about 14 cm2 (approx. 2 sq. in.) for this!

If you want to determine a location and then forward it to a central server, this requires energy. The batteries suited for this product are still much too large for implanting and totally unsuitable. In addition, this energy source has to be recharged over and over again.